Boris wins PM role, but will he make you a winner?

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Boris wins PM role, but will he make you a winner?

Boris Johnson has won residency of 10 Downing Street to be our new PM, but what does that mean for YOU? Will GP’s be better off under Boris or have they missed out on all the benefits promised by ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt? Read all about it here and decide for yourself…

Boris Johnson:

Backs NHS long-term plan Maintain or increasing tax relief on pensions, meaning less tax is paid on pots worth more than £1.055m – the original amount was £1.8m in 2012. Boris has suggested a 50:50 solution – which means doctors can halve their pension  contributions in exchange for halving the rate of pension growth. High earners could end up paying tax rates of more than 90 percent on earnings over £110,000 a year – which include rises in the value of pensions Maximising impact of no longer paying into EU budgets to bring in more NHS specific funding. NO pay-for-access NHS if Boris is chosen to lead and has to form a post Brexit deal with the United States

Jeremy Hunt

To ‘fix broken system’ surrounding junior doctor strikes with Green paper in first 100 days of office (as a nod to previous failings whilst Health Secretary) State would set a cap on total spending for one individual’s care, creating an upper boundary for all NHS patients

No one will have to sell their home to cover care costs, under new laws proposed by Jeremy Hunt.

Previously lobbied Treasury for more NHS funding and is likely to demonstrate this commitment further down the line

“Always ready” to consider a review of universal credit should it be required


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