What is AutoMed?

AutoMed is process automation software which can automate manual, computer-based tasks. It can benefit and assist the transformation of trust corporate services. This software can automate manual, computer-based tasks and benefit, assist the transformation of the NHS Trust’s corporate services.

AutoMed can be used to unify document submissions, scrape data from legacy desktops to speed up GP referral times. One of the most important aspects of this technology is its ability to work within the current system, regardless of how chaotic and unstructured that may be. It is technology that adapts to the real world and the way people actually behave and work rather than expecting people to miraculously change current tropes and behaviours.

AutoMed negates the need to spend vast amounts on many complex technology integration projects saving thousands of pounds to the NHS Trusts.

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What does AutoMed do?

  • RPA platform
  • Screen scraping and API integrations
  • Record user online actions such as mouse clicks
  • Self learning bots
  • Rich analytical suite
  • Rules based Exception Handling
  • Script Less Automation
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

What benefits does AutoMed offer?


AutoMed can operate applications at a typically greater speed than humans.
Virtual workers have near 24/7 availability with downtime only occurring to perform system updates.
As a result, a Automation virtual worker’s output can be the equivalent of up to 8 full time equivalent humans.

Cost savings

Automation can drive efficiencies in corporate services by replacing humans in undertaking manual data entry, high volume work.
Automation can be used to link legacy systems together in the same way a human would (although at greater speed). This may help save unnecessary investment in new systems or software.
Automating processes using AutoMed can often be quick to implement and lead to a return on investment in less that 12 months.

Quality and Compliance

AutoMed can reduce business and compliance risk as it eliminates human error.
Employees’ workload could become more varied, valuable and interesting due to a reduction in manual data entry based tasks.

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