What is DigiPractice?

DigiPractice helps in making NHS England’s Digital Transformation initiative come true at the
grass-root level. DigiPractice is a digital solution for NHS primary care organisations such as GP
surgeries & PCNs to perform better by improving patient experience, eliminating wasteful
processes, reducing avoidable appointments through self-care, digitizing surgery/practice that
enables patients to interact from anywhere and anytime. This helps practices to understand
current demand and utilising of available capacity.
The product consists of a core service of implementing the surgery / PCN specific public-facing
web portal (website). Built keeping Patient experience in the centre of its design, the portal
provides features such as Condition Triaging, Self Care, Prescription & Enquiry Forms( New
patient registration, Online registration, Travel, Sick Note, etc), A-Z Condition search, Well Being
Content, Medication reviews, Self Referrals. We pride in providing excellent customer support
and an unlimited number of content changes to meet the changing NHS directives such as
Covid-19 broadcasts.

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What does DigiPractice do?

  • Accessible on Web and Mobile
  • Provides NHS A-Z conditions content
  • Provides access to all admin forms online with ability to submit them
  • Integrated with Online Consultation
  • Patient Centric User Interface design
  • Ability to publish Practice announcements and alerts
  • All information about surgery in one place
  • The right support for self-care
  • Self triaging and centralized healthcare-related information
  • Dynamically updated site content to keep it fresh and accurate
  • Remote or online consultation
  • Admin workflow
  • Medical reviews
  • Referral management
  • File sharing

What benefits does DigiPractice offer?

  • DigiPractice enables GP surgeries and private practices to perform better by eliminating wasteful processes
  • Assists in reducing avoidable appointments by providing self care information
  • Helps Practices release capacity and work together at scale
  • Promotes culture of self care in the society
  • Digitizes admin related forms supporting paper less environment
  • Publish content from multiple devices
  • Quickly manage content on the move
  • Content regularly updated
  • Patient centric design
  • Reduces avoidable appointments
  • Access to a wider range of social prescribing
  • Best utilisation of available resources

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