What is DocuScan?

GP Practices are required by law to retain and store Lloyd George envelopes and their contents. For the most part, they are accessed infrequently, can be very paper heavy and take up storage space on a practice site or in secondary storage areas, sometimes at significant cost to practices.The administrative overhead in managing and storing these records can be significant. There is also a risk of this highly confidential documentation being mislaid in the process.

Capri Healthcare’s DocuScan solution turns the paper records into a scanned, electronic document and by doing so provides significant improvements in time and cost efficiencies for GP’s and staff, increased security of patient records, and ultimately, improvement in patient care.


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What does DocuScan do?

    • Auto Scanning and secure filing of paper records
    • Meta Data Search
    • Secure Data storage and backup
    • Collection & Prep
    • Bulk scanning
    • Adhoc / On demand Scanning 
    • Secure paper record destruction
    • Integration into EMIS and SystmOne

What benefits does DocuScan offer?

DocuScan provides an End to End Service, from collection to archiving / destruction of the paper records assisting GP Practices with a Fast conversion of paper records into Digital format. Digitising these records helps in freeing-up space in GP practices and save staff time. With DocuScan’s full text search of the digital records, practices can lookup and locate required patient details rapidly.  In line with NHS England’s Digital First Policy, DocuScan service provides secure storage of Digital records and enables easy transfer of records to other GP Practices.

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