MyHospital App

What is MyHospital App?

Did Not Attend (DNA) remains high within many NHS Trusts, causing a significant impact on hospital efficiency in terms of increasing both costs and waiting times.

MyHospital App helps reducing the rate of DNA by providing a quick and easy way to change and confirm appointments on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  The system  provides a secure channel  of communication between patients and clinical team improving the overall patient experience. The app is developed using some of the industry leading technologies. 

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What does MyHospital App do?

    1. All information about Appointment in one place and accessible on mobile and Web
    2. Support for self-care and appointment management
    3. Dynamically updated appointment info to keep it accurate
    4. View of hospital maps and route information through their smartphone.
    5. Instant appointment notifications straight to the smartphone
    6. Supports multiple languages while viewing the appointment content.
    7. Usage Reports and Data analytics.
    8. Document and Image sharing
    9. Integration with the Capri Online Triage App

What benefits does MyHospital App offer?

    1. Quick Set up time: Internet browser-based and Mobile App
    2. Provides reduction of DNA rates significantly leading to better finances
    3. Assists in minimising the human error and delay in booking
    4. Appointment info regularly updated
    5. Patient-centric design leading to improved patient experience
    6. Multilingual making it easier for non-English-speaking patients.
    7. Significant reduction in paper, printing and postage costs.
    8. Provides end to end experience from Appointment to Triage
    9. Supports NHS Long Term Plan and NHS Improvements Paperless agenda.
    10. The system is highly scalable and can be quickly rolled out to other specialty teams across the Hospital.
    11. The App can be easily expanded to a more functional patient portal with more patient-centric information. A single stop shop related to appointments and related patient journey.
    12. The patient portal will be open and act as a platform for future apps to be integrated.

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