What is TROMS™?

TROMS™ is an Artificial Intelligence assisted solution developed with an aim of minimising avoidable referrals and decreasing direct dependence on availability of specialist clinicians. This is a clinician to clinician digital solution to :

  • Process routine referrals into predetermined pathways of care,
  • Send feedback & tailored clinical advice to the referrer,
  • Send advice related to administrative tasks.

Available on Mobile and Web app to the referrers, the referee,the admin staff and the patients.

Smartphone coverage within the UK is 85% and message delivery is instant and track able, providing the ideal channel to ensure patients and referrers access the triaging information.

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What does TROMS™ do?

  • User Registration and secure Login
  • User administration
  • Configurable Clinical pathways
  • Triaging based on pathways
  • Patient detail recording
  • Referral form submission
  • Upload any files such as x-ray images, pdf, documents, etc
  • Capture & send the patient / guardian consent signature as part of the referral form
  • Appointment & Bed Booking form submission
  • Provision to show local Advice & Guidance instructions
  • Referral form status notification
  • Dashboard report of all Triage, Referrals and A&G requests.

What benefits does TROMS™ offer?

  • Easy and quick access to early triage
  • Reduces burden on clinical staff to deal with phone calls
  • Assists in better utilisation of clinicians time
  • Promotes happier staff and happier patients
  • Supports cost savings through better time utilisation and minimising avoidable recruitment
  • Helps process streamlining
  • Provides better patient experience and faster treatment
  • Minimizes human errors
  • Advice and guidance on demand

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