Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

As an Digital Transformation company, Capri has been helping healthcare organisations go mobile in multiple areas of operations. We have what it takes to build the custom app your operations demands. Whether you’re looking for a patient-facing mobile app to better engage your patients, an enterprise-class platform to streamline your operations, or a Clinician-to-Clinician referral process, we are ready to help you conceptualize, construct and deploy your ideal solution.

Following proven methodology, we build a lasting customer relationship while delivering quality services. Our experts work closely with you to determine app requirements and specifications before generating a detailed project plan with the development process clearly laid out and a firm timeline established.

Each member of our dedicated development team possesses the programming expertise and healthcare-specific knowledge needed to build you an app that will meet and exceed all your patient care needs. Following agile principles, we develop rapid mobile app development without compromising on quality. Our tailor-made engagement models are designed to meet the client’s diverse requirements with perfection.

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What do I get?


Clarify what matters: your objectives, your value proposition, your unique advantage.The strategic part that comes before building a digital product is crucial. It makes the difference between a successful or a failed system. We ask you ‘why’ persistently to define & understand your product goals. We decide together what is success, how we measure it, and lay down the milestones on how to get there.


Our business analysts help you leverage the full potential of your idea through Rigorous requirement analysis, Methodological research, Features and functionality definition, User-oriented technology and Data-lead development strategy. Turn your idea into a plan: define user flows, Wireframes that define functionalities and where business value is created, the product architecture, and tech needs.


Engaging UI/ UX delivered across devices with our responsive designs experts. The design includes user interface elements, colours, photography and icons, as well as the various interactions happening throughout the system. When we’re done, we add it all up in an interactive design prototype ready to be showcased. The activities include

  • Design sprints
  • User story collection
  • Prototypes, mockups, and wireframes


The development stage is where all the previous product decisions, components and assets come together. This includes mobile development, web components and backend integrations, even artificial intelligence and data science solutions where needed. Every aspect of mobile app development is handled under a single roof.

  • Native iOS app development
  • Native Android app development
  • Cross platform app development using React Native

We also help you boost your product’s user experience with the help of artificial intelligence. We define and implement machine learning strategies to automate and optimise existing data processes.


The system launch is an essential milestone in the life of a system, yet it only marks the beginning of the startup experience. We’ll make sure your product has all the pieces lined up for a lean launch, so you can focus on preparing and implementing your go-to-market plans.
We help make sure you tick all the boxes for a successful launch and see your solution go live. Publish your apps and support your users through :

  • App Store and Google Play setup
  • Basic optimisation for app store listings and design assets
  • Advising on go-to-market plans
  • Validation plans for MVP
  • Launch Prep & Promotion
  • Training
  • User Support
  • PPG Review

Where can I use this services?

  • GP Surgeries
  • Primary Care Network (PCN)
  • Pharmacies
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • NHS Trusts
  • Labs
  • Private Healthcare Providers
  • Medical Device Manufacturers

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