Dictation, Translation and Interpretation

What is DiTi?

DiTi is an efficient & low-cost Artificial Intelligence solution (Mobile App / Web App) to multiple problems such as the transcription and Interpretation of patient and doctor conversation, transcription of doctor’s notes and generating subtitles on audio and video content. DiTi uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural-sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based algorithms.

DiTi consists  of 3 separate services – Diti Scribe, Diti Translate and Diti Converse.

DiTi Scribe provides the ability to auto transcribe a stream of short dictations real time into text. The software also has the ability to transcribe large multi minute and multi speaker audio files. The software supports transcription in multiple languages including European, Chinese and Asian languages.

DiTi Translate enables translation of text documents in DOCX, PDF & HTML format automatically into multiple languages on demand quickly and rapidly. A typical 5 page document can be translated in a few minutes retaining the original document layout.

DiTi Converse is the module that helps people converse in multiple languages. Supports over 100 global languages and accents.

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What does DiTi do?


  • Voice transcriber software
  • Process real-time dictation with high level accuracy and speed.
  • Supports bulk transcribe
  • Supports more than one hundred languages / accents
  • Supported by most advanced deep-learning neural network algorithms for audio/speech recognition with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Handles noisy audio from many environments without requiring additional noise cancellation.


  • A document translation software
  • Retain the original document format.
  • Supports WORD, PDF, HTML formats.


  • Supports over 100 languages.
  • Provides human-like speech in more than 100 voices across 20+ languages and variants male and female voices.
  • Lets you build custom models in more than fifty language pairs.
  • Can be optimized for the type of speaker

What benefits does DiTi offer?

  • Quick Set up time: No DOWNLOADS!!! Internet browser-based
  • Near real time transcribing reduces time to type and provides a quick turn around on dictations and meeting notes
  • Reduces cost on manual transcribing
  • Fast and cost effective text Translation with complete control on the when you want to invoke translation
  • Significantly cost effective compared to human interpreters
  • Reduces dependence on human interpreters and increasing ability to service no english patients
  • Service is available 24 x7 making it easier on clinicians to treat non english speaking patients in nights and under emergency
  • Reduces the spread of infections by avoiding human interpreters
  • Reduces need of travel by interpreters and patients – Reduction in Carbon footprint

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